WEIDASI Led Emergency Light WD-832T
WEIDASI Led Emergency Light WD-832T
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WEIDASI Led Emergency Light WD-832T

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Rs.5,000 Rs.3,950
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  • During charging,please connect cable with hole into AC outlet of Emergency light,then insert cable of AC plug into AC220-240V(50-60Hz) power socket, the charging indicator turns on to show the charging process.
  • To push the button into the upper gear, 64 PCS SMD LED of emergency light will turn on in strong degree, while, into the down gear 64 PCS SMD LED of Emergency light will turn on in weak degree.
  • In the state of charging, the light is off whatever the button switch in which position, it is only charging for product. The lamp has emergency function, it will automatically lighten when suddenly power lost.


  • Power source and socket should be installed according to safety rules and regulations.
  • Please don't turns on during charging process, to avoid burning SMD or some inner parts.
  • Please don't shot your eyes to the light, to avoid harm your eyes. Children must be guided by adult to use it properly.
  • To keep away the product from raining and wet.
  • The charging process must be far away from any in flammable and explosive materials.

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