HTC AT-030 4 In 1 Grooming Kit
HTC AT-030 4 In 1 Grooming Kit
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HTC AT-030 4 In 1 Grooming Kit

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Rs.4,500 Rs.3,800
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4-in-1 Hair Removing Machine

Equipped with a hair removal head, eyebrow trimmer head, nose hair trimmer head, and sideburn trimmer head, this electric trimmer kit can achieve multiple uses in one machine, allowing you to easily perform body beauty.

3-in-1 Hair Removal Head

Arc razors sharply shave curvilinear areas, ideal for underarms, bikini lines, and more.

Straight razors can shave flat hair and are suitable for arms, calves, thighs, etc.

The mesh razor uses a floating veneer net, which is suitable for hair residue, short stubble, etc.

Gentle Hair Removal, Safe Skin Care

The equipped nose hair trimmer head adopts a three-dimensional arc design, and the open crevices can capture nose hairs in multiple directions and lengths without hurting the nasal cavity.

With a trimmer comb, the sideburn head is perfect for men, and sideburns can be easily trimmed.

Exquisite eyebrow trimmer head has a removable positioning comb to help you shape your brows. When the positioning comb is removed, it can also be used to shave the hair on the face.

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